We feel so lucky to have access to such an absolutely stunning and perfect example of what the Australian Labradoodle should be as a stud dog. As soon as we met Jacque for the first time we knew instantly that he was going to be very special and perfect for us. It’s hard to describe Jacque in a few words but he is everything that we hoped he would be with his stunning red, wavy fleece coat, fabulous head, solid boning, perfect conformation and a character to die for. Jacque is a medium sized Australian Labradoodle. He stands at just over 18” to the shoulder. His wonderful temperament is typical of an Australian Labradoodle. He is calm but playful, smart and very loving.

Jacque just loves everybody and EVERYBODY loves Jacque. He is a genuine heartthrob!

 Jacque is calm and relaxed at home but once on the field he plays ball as keenly as the rest of the dogs. Although not as fast as Emi he watches for the ball before running and therefore sometimes reaches it first. He then loves nothing more than a game of dodge just to tease Emi and we think, enjoy a little sweet revenge, (as it is usually Emi that wins the ball). Jacque seems to talk to us when we ask him questions, which is simply hilarious. Amazingly he seems to pass this personality trait onto his offspring! His babies really do make perfect dogs for any family.

 Jacque is also available as a stud to health tested girls please just contact us to discuss.



Hudson was imported by ourselves from Vancouver (Canada) He has a loose fleecy coat which is a beautiful dark red in colour. He really is a perfect example of an Australian Labradoodle.

His hip scoring is left 5 and right 5 . His elbow scoring is right zero, left zero  and his DNA eye is clear.

Hudson is the most kind and gentle dog we have ever owned he is perfect in every respect and we are proud to call him our own. His pups not only inherit his gorgeous soft, non-shedding coat but also

He is available at stud to health tested girls.  Again please just contact us to discuss this.