We ask everyone enquiring about an Australian Labradoodle puppy to give great thought to the commitment it takes to raise a happy contented puppy. We will of course help you all the way and are always available for a life time support to ensure you and your chosen puppy have the very best relationship.

We have a link to our puppy contract below so that you can see what we expect from all new families alongside what our promises and assurances to you are.

Each puppy, included within the price of £3,000 – comes with complimentary 6 weeks puppy insurance; a puppy pack containing premium branded food that your puppy has been weaned onto over the last few weeks, a soft toy and blanket with the smell of their siblings and of course all the relevant paperwork. We do not provide ancestors details etc. unless prior arrangements have been agreed to purchase a breeding dog from us.

This is a consistent price across the board and won’t differ regardless of gender or colour.

There are a couple of reasons we have come to this decision.  We have kept our prices the same for a long period of time now, however the massive increase In demand and the current financial climate that we find ourselves in along with so many other small businesses we have had no choice other than to price on demand and stay inline with other breeders of  Australian labradoodles.

Another very important reason for us doing this is, it’s come to our attention that people have been purchasing puppies not for themselves as their family addition but to resell the puppies at an massively inflated profit.  Not only is this totally unethical it’s a massive worry for us.  We pride ourselves on meeting all potential owners of our pups and knowing where the puppies are going to ensure they are going to be a part of a loving home…. we as much as possible stay in touch with the new owners and love receiving updates as to how they are progressing.  If we let the pups go at a lesser price than the market dictates this is something we’re taking a massive risk of happening.

I hope you all understand why we have come to this decision and we look forward to meeting you in the future

If you would like to keep up to date as to when a litter is available then please click below and leave your details with us. Alternatively you can always check us out over on Facebook, leave some comments or say Hi on messenger.

 You can download our Puppy Contract via the image below but do contact us via Facebook or the contact form below to discuss any questions or thoughts you may have.
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